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Concierge & Coaching

I know that with the incredible competition to get into the best schools and sky rocketing costs that students need to make the most of every single semester! The unique nature of each student means that my services need to be concierge level and address each person individually. I have yet to find two students who need the exact same thing. With this in mind it is pertinent that each student be engaged in developing their own plan and not that of friends or family. I coach students in finding the information they need so that they are able to own their futures. Their dream. Their plan.

What I do is custom based on your needs.  However, there are a few things that I do frequently...

Career Exploration

Does your child have no idea what they want to do? Does picking a college seem impossible, because they have no idea what they want to study?

Does your child want a direction or goal?

I can help your child...

  • Discover interests
  • Explore employable careers
  • Understand degree requirements
  • Identify a career goal
  • Develop a plan to reach their goal

Applicant Analysis

Does your child have a list of schools they want to attend?

Want to know if your child is competitive for those schools?

I can help your child...

  • Understand admissions statistics
  • Review their likelihood of admission
  • Uncover areas for improvement
  • Identify areas to highlight
  • Develop a plan to be a competitive applicant

College Search

Does your child know what they want to study, but not sure where to go?

Does your child have a list of wants, but not sure what college will fill them?

I can help your child...

  • Define the college experience they want
  • Find opportunities where they are academically prepared and competitive
  • Discover schools currently unknown to them
  • Develop a plan for exploration and application

Their Dream. Their Plan.

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