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Group Services

Collegiate Concierge & Coaching realizes that there are often groups of people who could benefit from our services. It is nice to know that you are not alone when dealing with the stresses of planning for a child to go to college or introduce a new concept at work.  Whether you are a parent or represent a group (College/University, Corporation, Youth Organization, Sports Complex, etc.) we are here to help you.

Student Athletes

Collegiate Concierge & Coaching understands that Student Athletes face a unique set of challenges when thinking about college.  We have developed a presentation that focuses on three key areas for student athletes and their families. Through an hour we will explore NCAA Eligibility, Minimum State Qualifications, and how to ensure Competitive Opportunity Access.  These are each examined from an academic perspective. 

8th Graders

This session is designed for parents, but students are welcome to attend. You  know that high school is important. Picking classes (AP, IB, honors, or local Community College classes), how are parents to decide?  Let us come in and talk about the benefits and drawbacks of each of these with your group.  We will also talk about what makes parents the most nervous about having a kid this age - paying for college!

High School Students

During each session we will focus on a specific year of high school. We will provide suggestions for items to be considered and completed during the fall, spring and summer of the year in focus. This session provides extra time for Q&A to help ensure that specific questions are met. Parents are highly encouraged to attend this session with their students to ensure that everyone is on the same page for college exploration, application, and ultimately acceptance!

Students with a Disability Transition Planning

Collegiate Concierge & Coaching offers students with a disability assistance with developing a transition plan for college. We will help uncover the differences between high school and college (IDEA vs. ADA), required documentation, common academic accommodations.  We will also lay out the rights and responsibilities of students once in a College/University setting.

Corporations & Colleges/Universities

Collegiate Concierge & Coaching has created lectures, hands on training, handbooks and guides for organizations wanting a better trained workforce. We take the same passion we use to help individual students and their families to ensure your company reaches your goals!  We can help with every step starting with a needs assessment, educational material creation, and learner support through evaluation. If you have the idea, but need it taught on a broad scale then you need us!

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