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Collegiate Concierge & 
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Helping Students and Families Prepare for College with a Customized Plan

Let Collegiate Concierge & Coaching, LLC help you and your student get the most out of each important year of high school. With more than 25 years combined experience our Co-Founders are here to ease the stressful and cumbersome navigation of the college exploration, application, and acceptance processes. Collegiate Concierge & Coaching works with students and families as early as middle school all the way through the pursuit of a doctoral degree. We leave no stone unturned in our analysis and search for an appropriate college or university. We can help you consider college expenses (FAFSA, loans, etc.), housing and social considerations, academic and athletic interests, and if you need we specialize in planning for special needs and disabilities. 

The college degree is the new high school diploma. Everyone is getting one, but not everyone is getting the right start at the right college.  To help you make the most of your time and more importantly your money contact us. As trained educational professionals, we help you navigate the world of higher education. You need Collegiate Concierge & Coaching to guide you through this critical time in you and your child's life and we are excited to partner with you!

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To begin, an individual intake form (see links below) needs to be completed by each parent and student. Once forms have been received and processed by Collegiate Concierge & Coaching, LLC, your College Concierge will be in touch.